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PCI-DSS Audits

SACS helps client achieve and maintain a level of PCI-DSS regulatory compliance that ensures the protection of sensitive data, customer information, brand reputation and technical requirements.

We offer a range of PCI services including:

  • Annual Report on Compliance (ROC)
  • Annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Compliance Gap Assessment
  • Network and Application Penetration Testing
  • Code Review

For more information send an email to SACS PCI Services

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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is an ‘art’ to obtain digital evidence in a secure manner within a timeframe that may erode the admissibility.  Our objective with any case is to perform secure evidence collection, victimology and reporting based on the evidence and potential evidence.  This process needs to be done within an acceptable timeframe with many factors that have to be taken in consideration as they may introduce ‘artifacts’ into the evidence.

Security Audit and Control Solutions (SACS) has more than 10 years experience in search and seizure, digital evidence collection, first responder, and low level data analysis.  We get onsite with our own equipment and start collecting and documenting evidence

Disparate systems such as web servers, mainframe data, workstations, PDA’s,...

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Security Audit and Control Solutions (SACS)

Security Audit and Control Solutions (SACS)SACS – “Practice Safe HEX”

Seeing a need for automated audits and security reviews… Mervin Pearce (CISA-CISSP)  started developing tools and utilities to make his life easier.

SACS was started in 1992 with the aim to create a vehicle for clients whereby value added services are delivered using a cost effective model.  After successfully completing the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) in 1997, also being the first CISSP in Africa, Mervin brought the certification to South Africa and have been delivering the certification in Africa since 2000.  With a complete solution covering education and training, consulting services covering Security, Audit and Compliance, as well as software development.

SACS (Security Audit and Control Solutions) established in 1992...

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Whitepapers and Utilities Downloads

This section contains direct links of whitepapers, utilities and videos.  No registration required.  From time to time updates are done to this page and you can subscribe on the Subscription link to ensure we notify you of any updates.

White Papers

Tools and Utilities

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SACS Fraud Monitor and Management

 A real-time predictive Fraud Monitor and Management System

  • SACS Fraud Monitor and Manager is a complete solution to manage and monitorSACS Fraud Monitoring and Management financial transactions in real-time and report high risk transactions to an interface for staff to react and make sure the fraud losses are managed.
  • Predictive Analysis on staff actions to highlight possible anomalies.
  • Low level API connectivity to databases for high speed layers.
  • Management Information Systems reporting on accounts.
  • Communication channels across elected links encrypted with Industry Standard Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption algorithms.
  • Interfaces for different departments ranging from IT Support, Management, Fraud and Risk, Compliance and MIS reporting for the Executives.

With middleware it is possible to adapt this to any database...

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