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Active vs Passive Policing

Active vs Passive Policing

You may have all the boxes checked on your balance score card.  Bought the latest and greatest security software, firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems


Police ensure that youngsters are inline with the rules

and finally have your security staff complement that you have been fighting for.  The problem you have had all along should be gone now… But is it really?

I have recently travelled to Portugal and have seen active policing in all the main cities I have travelled to.  In Lisbon you have police walking around 24-hours a day.  At night the patrol the streets alone.  Not two or more, one at a time with a radio and visible arms.  In the capital city of Madeira, Funchal, the same type of behaviour.  The end result is a much safer environment for all...

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PCI-DSS Audits

SACS helps client achieve and maintain a level of PCI-DSS regulatory compliance that ensures the protection of sensitive data, customer information, brand reputation and technical requirements.

We offer a range of PCI services including:

  • Annual Report on Compliance (ROC)
  • Annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Compliance Gap Assessment
  • Network and Application Penetration Testing
  • Code Review

For more information send an email to SACS PCI Services

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