Student Feedback

The feedback below is given by students who have taken part in various courses provided by SACS. Their anonymity has been kept as to safeguard their personal information as well as that of the companies.

“This lecturer is a motivator. He is filled with knowledge and also challenges his audiences to think. The course was an eye-opener and makes you wonder how secured is our work environment.”

– Private

“The presenter demonstrated a high level of the content knowledge and was able to communicate the knowledge across. This course is excellent. The continuous relationship after training is the best idea.”

– Financial Institution

“Mervin is extremely knowledgeable and it is good to have him as a reference. The course has opened my eyes to various new methodologies. Really excited to implement the new knowledge.”

– Fashion outlet

“Well presented course. Excellent course content and Mervin was entertaining and great, as well as knowledgeable.”

– Government Agency