CISSP Boot Camp

CISSP Boot Camp

Time to up your personal marketability by obtaining a certification in your field.

Join us for a long term evolution on your career. Knowledge is a journey that has to be tackled everyday.   When our lead trainer wrote his CISSP exam in 1997 there were very few books available to help with studies.

We will be running a instructor led CISSP Boot Camp with online lectures launching soon where we mentor students along the way.  This is a long-term relationship going past the boundaries of being just a student.

If you are keen to get up and running, visit our CISSP information page and register to become part of the the evolution of your career.  We will have the following for old and new:

  1. Access to the eLearning site, including future enhancements and development;
  2. Access to the instructors via user groups and personal email;
  3. Free tools and information to use in your environment;
  4. Updated lecture notes;
  5. Close group CISSP questions;

And once our online training becomes a reality:

  1. Discount access to other online course;
  2. Access to the closed video learning channel.

If you have any queries send information request for details.