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SACS First Responder

SACS First Responder

SACS First Responder is part of the SACS Masterclass series. ┬áThis is the first in the series of the ‘Digital Forensics Series’ and covers items such as

First Responder DVD

  • Initial steps to perform in the event of a security breach or policy violation
  • Types of evidence
  • Rules of digital evidence
  • Victimology
  • Securing a workstation, server or any device
  • Checklists
  • Common errors and problems
  • Volatility of evidence
  • Secure Hard Disk Drive Duplication
  • Preparation to testify

Some discussion and review is done on the digital evidence analysis in order to understand the importance of a First Responders duties.

With more than an hour of contents with checklists and evidence templates, this DVD pays for itself in less than an hours consultancy cost.

Price R1,199 inc VAT

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