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SACS Assessment Collector V1.1

SACS Assessment Collector V1.1

SACS Assessment Collector is a standalone application which assists in the collection of information on remote workstations and servers and saving this in a compressed and encrypted file which can be analysed centrally.


Download the application <Click Here>


  1. Copy the application to a USB or to a drive where remote users can execute it.
  2. Execute the Application – this may take a while as detailed analysis are done
  3. When the application execution is complete a .zip (compressed file) with the machine name would have been created.
  4. Send this file to the central body for import and analysis

We recommend any file that you will execute on your environment to be submitted to VirusTotal for a complete analysis on most of the malware scanning engines.

This i...

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SACS Fraud Monitor and Management

 A real-time predictive Fraud Monitor and Management System

  • SACS Fraud Monitor and Manager is a complete solution to manage and monitorSACS Fraud Monitoring and Management¬†financial transactions in real-time and report high risk transactions to an interface for staff to react and make sure the fraud losses are managed.
  • Predictive Analysis on staff actions to highlight possible anomalies.
  • Low level API connectivity to databases for high speed layers.
  • Management Information Systems reporting on accounts.
  • Communication channels across elected links encrypted with Industry Standard Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption algorithms.
  • Interfaces for different departments ranging from IT Support, Management, Fraud and Risk, Compliance and MIS reporting for the Executives.

With middleware it is possible to adapt this to any database...

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