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A quick look at Phishing Threats

A quick look at Phishing Threats

Fraudsters are getting more desperate and using increasingly more advanced hacking techniques and using zero-day attack.  In this example we have a look at, the threatening tone of non-payment of invoices and perform a very high-level analysis showing how some users can be easily duped.  In our Phishing exercises at large enterprises, we do find that using a cleverly crafted email, we have an average success rate of 15%.

Practice Safe HEX!

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CISSP CBK Update effective 15 April 2018

Changes to the CISSP CBK content – April 2018

Every now and then the (ISC)2 changes the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) content and over the years we have seen going from 10 domains to 8 domains. ‘Gone’ is the domain that many feared called Cryptography. Well it is not really gone, it was just ‘hidden’ inside the Security Architecture and Engineering domain.
We at SACS make sure that the training we deliver is current and it is updated and confirmed before any training session that is delivered. So, the May 2018 delivery will have the latest content included. We also address the content based on the actual distribution as in the examination. These are the spread of the domains in the examination.

  • Security and Risk Management 15%
  • Asset Security 10%
  • Security Architecture and Engineer...
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