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We cover a range of industries as diverse as these...


PCI-DSS, ISO27K, NIST and Eclectic Programs


From Security Services to Fraud Investigations.

Security Monitoring

Collection and analysis of security threats that our systems detect.

Training and Education

We offer in house training as well as organized bootcamps. Take a look at our free training videos to increase your knowledge.

Penetration Testing

We can evaluate the security of your system with authorised attacks and inform you on your vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering

Hacking the human. Have the security stance of your staff evaluated and increase the awareness.

Information Security Analysis and Monitoring

Our intrusion detection systems are constantly updated to keep up with the constantly changing world.

Consultancy that secures you

Our consultancy will allow for us to give you our expert advice on your vulnerabilities and your data.

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From Idea to Implementation

The Team that Delivers Results

The Digital Statement

We touch your life in more ways!

Reach for the Sky

We Know The Language Of Data Security

Our systems

We use the most advanced systems to ensure that our technology is ahead of those who are trying to disrupt your business.

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Emergence of New Threats

Innovation is a very important aspect into detecting new issues and vulnerabilities.

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Adapting to You

We integrate our systems into your work flow as to not interrupt and slow down the work proccess.

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Our systems have been proven in banks across the world.

Consultancy like never before with an experienced team

“Our Consultancy team cuts no corners and breaks down every detail and aspect of our goal and what you can expect from our services”

-Mervin Pearce

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Professionals at your service

Our team live by a motto of “Deep Learning” which may make you think of AI but to the team it means to learn everything as in depth as they possibly can.

Successful Track Record

We will not leave the job you have asked us to do until our job is done properly.

Demonstrable Results

We will offer a break down of our expected results and outcome before we start so you have a complete understanding of what we will be doing

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Mervin Pearce


Ricardo Pearce

Training And Service Manager


Why Should You Become CISSP Certified?
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Our Broad Range of Services

Take a look at the services we offer including social engineering to determine just how vulnerable your employees make your data

Secure Your Data

with penetration testing

The Team that delivers

Blending youth with experience

The strategic advantage

The brains behind the scene

Words from our Clients

The best of the best is here!
Mervin from SACS is a phenomenal trainer and being a former ISC2 is full of knowledge.
John DoeAnonymous
Ricardo is great to communicate with and assisted me throughout everything! He ensured I was comfortable with and tended to all my needs. I will definitely be recommending SACS training to my colleagues!
John DoeAnonymous
Due to security we have kept the identity of the above private